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Analyze legal spend to surface insignts

Law Departments need a solution that intelligently automates the legal invoice review process, and ensures efficient matter management of outside counsel to optimize their legal budgets.  Our technology can help your legal department transform your legal spend data into actionable information.


When reviewing an invoice for legal services, have you ever asked yourself?

  • Should we pay this?

  • What really happened?

  • Did they satisfy our billing guidelines?

  • Did we get optimal efficiency & value?

  • Are there good or bad trends?

  • How can this inform my budget?


With the Game Changing Legal Decoder Software you get:


Streamlined processes

  • Billing guidelines become enforceable.

  • Efficiently identify problematic invoices.

  • Communicate clearly to outside counsel.


Identify your most effective law firms

  • In the area of law where they are most efficient.

  • For matters where they deliver consistent value.

  • Establish preferred arrangements and reduce costs.


Objective review of outside counsel

  • Law firms that operate efficiently and employ the best leverage models.

  • Associates that understand our business and are working efficiently.

  • Everyone working conscientiously as demonstrated by billing hygiene.


Fact based budgets

  • Negotiate alternate arrangements with confidence.

  • Compare actual vs optimal spend.

  • Accurately reallocate certain legal spend to other departments.