Legal Decoder
Legal Spend Analysis At Your Fingertips

Law Firms

Transform data and accurately price services

Law firms are faced with a dilemma: figuring out what to charge.  Undercharge and money is left on the table.  Overcharge and clients may become dissatisfied with the perceived value in return.  Legal Decoder's Pricing Engine and Compliance Engine organizes your firm's billing data to give end-to-end insights to help accurately price your services.  


Accurately Price Services and Manage Future Budgets

Review past billing data to determine the pricing strategies for the next win and make smarter budget decisions.


Categorize Unstructured Data

Take your unstructured billing data and categorize it to appropriate tasks with our Pricing Engine or review past performance with our Compliance Engine.


Maintain and Grow Client Relationships

Keep strong client relationships by showing value to clients with accurate pricing without incurring cost overruns.