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Using Data Analytics To Evaluate Fees In Complex Bankruptcies

Large bankruptcies like Toys R Us and Sears have recently garnered lots of attention in the legal and business news cycles with good reason. These bankruptcies are public with many stakeholders involved including creditors, employees, and law firms. The work that the law firms perform is multi-fold from transactions to advisory.

One of the areas that has come under focus are the law firm fees. Stakeholders want more transparency into the work performed and fees charged. This is where data analytics and products like Legal Decoder’s Compliance Engine can help with fee transparency and assist fee examiners who have to pore over thousands of invoice line items.

Legal Decoder CEO, Joe Tiano, and UNLV Law Professor, Nancy Rapoport, discuss how technology and analytics can help analyze bankruptcy fees. Lots of good insights from two industry experts. You can read the discussion here.

2019 Georgia State University Law Review Symposium

CEO Joseph Tiano will be discussing the subject in the article "Legal Analytics, Social Science, and Legal Fees" at the 2019 GSU Law Review Symposium. The upcoming article was co-authored with UNLV Law Professor Nancy Rapoport.

If you are interested in hearing experts discuss a wide range of legal analytics and technology topics then please make some time to attend this event.