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Compliance Engine

Understand Your Legal Spend Data


The Compliance Engine is a SaaS-based product that analyzes billing data to ensure that lawyers and other legal professionals handle tasks commensurate with their skill level.  The Compliance Engine analyzes each invoice line item to determine if work is handled efficiently and with cost-effectiveness.  

For legal departments, law firms and government organizations, the Compliance Engine can help determine if billing guidelines are met and provide transparency.


Billing Hygiene

Determine if line item narratives comply with good billing hygiene practice or if hygiene issues (i.e. block billing, vague entries) are occurring.

Workflow Efficiency

Analyze tasks to ensure work is done efficiently.  Identify areas of waste, friction or redundancy over single or multi-day reviews.



Analyze whether a lawyer or other legal professional handles a task appropriate commensurate with skill level in the right amount of time.